Air Optix Aqua

Monthly silicone hydrogel contact lenses with an aspheric design, appropriate for both longer days and for wearing round the clock. High oxygen permeability will satisfy your eyes’ need for oxygen even when you are sleeping. The unique plasma process of the contact lens surface prevents protein deposits and keeps the contact lenses cleaner for longer.  AIROPTIX AQUA contact lenses are also appropriate for those who work a lot on the computer or those with dry eyes.

Wear as daytime contact lenses for 1 month or, if needed, round the clock for up to 6 24-hour periods. To determine the duration of use appropriate for you, consult our optometrist or eye doctor.

Water content 33%, Dk/t 138

BC 8,6

Lens strenght: -0,25 to -10,0

Delivery: 1-3 days

Quantity: 3 pcs

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