Comfort, design, convenience and interesting color – Tallinna Optika frame collections are bound to include something to suit everyone’s preference.

Perfect sunshine is improved through quality sunglasses, with the range of collections at Tallinna Optika catering for the devotees of both classical and more extravagant designs.

  The eyewear collection by Marc Jacobs is characterised by slightly vintage-style sophisticated shapes that stand out with their exclusive and glamorous style. The collection employs high-quality materials and faultless attention to detail. Products by Marc Jacobs cater for women aged 25 to 45 who are conscious of their identity and personality.
Products by Cartier amount to a special world in which each object, besides providing satisfaction, is proof of your impeccable taste. Sunglasses by the brand are made of metal – yellow plated in 22-carat gold, white, pink, grey or platinum-color – ranking as jewellery thanks to the high-quality materials. Demand for the special gem-adorned gold frames by Cartier is primarily dominant amongst the world’s richest and most famous.
Augusto Valentini – a trademark that combines perfectly old Italian traditions and contemporary, innovative technologies. These frames are durable, reliable and aesthetically attractive. In order to create quality anti allergenic frames, Augusto Valentini does not consider it an extra mile to test new designs and combinations when it comes to materials and colors. “Made in Italy” – pride in hand-crafting and traditions.
  Eyewear products by Dior feature an original style and glamorous look that make the collection great, bold and strongly distinctive. The collection by the brand gives priority to elegance, various colors, fine lines and unique ornaments. Eyeglasses by Dior are ideal for anyone wishing to compensate for any eyesight problems while standing out for a faultless sense of style at the same time.
  Founded in 1937, Ray-Ban has become one of the most iconic sunglass brands in the world. Always providing protection against UV radiation by means of high-tech lenses, Ray-Ban has created a wide range of various lenses designed for protecting your eyes. To date, Ray-Ban has created 150 sunglass styles, including two of the best-selling products in the history or fashion: the original Aviator and the iconic Wayfarer.
  The Tommy Hilfiger brand, with its classical yet contemporary sensibility, has become a global symbol of the American spirit. The sunglasses by the brand are characterized by classical features, scratch- and shock-proof UV-protection and excellent optical clarity. The eyewear collection that had its debut in the autumn of 2010 conveys wonderfully the particular Tommy Hilfiger lifestyle and attitude.
Boasting long traditions, Skaga is an eyewear brand created for the customers who stress their individuality and attitude. Innovativeness and a strong vision help Skaga to stay at the forefront of its industry, with the materials and technology as well as design and expressivity innovated constantly. Skaga’s designers include Carina Mollsjö, Anna Mälstad, Gustav Kristensson and Eva-Lena Bäckstöm.
The Tom Ford eyewear brand is becoming one of the best-selling collections in the world, worn and admired by the likes of Brad Pitt, Daniel Craig, Kanye West and Angelina Jolie. Tom Ford products, sold only at exclusive boutiques and the world’s best shopping centers, provide a wide range of frames in a variety of styles from which everyone will find something suitable. The newest collection by Tom Ford, bold yet elegant, has been designed for both men and women, conveying wisdom and a touch of luxury.
Emphasizing classical form and innovative functions, eyeglasses by Porsche Design are manufactured from the best materials, carefully selected and combined with the newest technology and perfect construction. The intelligent interchangeable lens mechanism allows sunglass lenses to be deactivated depending on the light conditions. The polycarbonate lenses in the sunglasses are shatterproof, and the extra-light frames make wearing them very comfortable.

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